CoSach System (Sachet Packed Medications)

Here at CoPharmacy, we use unique robotic medication packaging systems that produce uni-dose or multi-dose sachets which are clearly labelled so that the right medication(s) are given/taken by the right person at the right time.

The sachets are clear to allow easy identification of tablets, and printed on the other side with all the information required to ensure safe and accurate administration. Information would include the patient's name, the date and time of the dose, the medication itself, strength, quantity and description.

Patients requiring their medications crushed can do so by crushing the sachet bag into a mortar or equivalent and then administering the dose as a powder to the patient. This can help reduce medication losses, mess and confusion. Our pharmacists will be more than happy to advise on the which medications can be crushed and if there are any alternatives available.

The CoSach system can help improve compliance, reduce medication round times and ultimately improve health outcomes as facility staff have more time to engage in patient care. The advantages of using the sachet system are clearly visible in many of our partner facilities.

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